Sunday, March 12, 2006

Are you yet another one of those rabid cricket fans?

Update: Updated so it was less of a direct braindump - which
it was earlier ( sorta stream-of-conciousness style).
Actually it was more like dog turd. So, I really thought I
ought to edit and make it a little more readable. I'm not
sure if I've succeeded but here it is anyway.

Why is this nation so damn obsessed with cricket?? And, it
really is like the entire goddamn nation is absolutely in
love with the game. Am I alone in not being NOT THAT keen
about the game? If a match is going on and some guy on the
road asks you what the score is, and if you say that you
don't know, they really look at you like you've got a head
growing out of your ass! And, I'm not exaggerating, people
really do think that you are a freak if you aren't watching
cricket. I'm I would've gotten beaten up for posting such
"blasphemy" on the Internet, if not for the fact that there
are a grand total of two people who read my blog!!

Come to think of it, people have been obsessed with cricket
for as long as I can remember. I think half the reason why
cricket is so popular lies in the fact that a cricket game
goes on for like a whole day at the minimum, plus, we have a
couple of minutes break between overs, when some guy gets
out, hell, there's a break far too often - and this is
ofcourse absolutely perfect for advertisers.

There is however something far more sinister at work. And,
no I'm not a guy who believes that everything is a
government conspiracy. But, isn't it strange that almost the
whole damn country absolutely loves the sport, and that
there are very very few exceptions? And, its a sport, which
is in many ways like a song or a painting, in that people's
opinions on them generally vary. But, it is not so in this
case. Why?

The answer to that, is that we've all been brainwashed into
liking the game. I know that sounds straight out the
x-files. But that is my theory. When a person is told
something enough times, even if that seems to be completely
bullshit at first glance, they'll start to believe it. It is
however not just a matter of being told the same thing
multiple times, its also a matter of seeing that there are
already many more people who believe it. You think, 'Oh,
there are all these people who already believe it, so, it
must be true. I mean, atleast some of them would've analysed
it, and would've pointed out how stupid it all is if it
really was. So, it must be true'. As Orwell quite nicely put
it, all you need is a bunch of sheep going 'Four Legs good,
two legs bad', on and on.

What happens in our minds is that, it becomes an absolute,
something that you start believing without questioning it,
something you take for granted. When you go for a walk
outside your house, you dont think about whether there is
any air out there that you could breathe, you just take it
for granted. Hell, if we were to question and think about
every such thing, we wouldn't have the time to think about
anything else. So, our minds quite conveniently convert them
into 'laws', something which just 'is'.

Just look at all the stuff about cricket around us.
Everywhere one looks, on TV, magazines, billboards,
newspapers, etc. There's almost no escaping it.

This 'realization' (okay, so all of you already had all this
figured out, yeah, I'm perhaps a bit slow, bear with me), to
be frank, scares me. It scares me a lot. How much of the
other stuff that we believe is not something that has been
thrust into our heads? What about your religion? Why do you
pray to the god you pray to now? What about the political
party you believe in?

A small incident comes to mind which highlights this. I was
once chatting with a friend about political parties in our
state, and I found that we supported different parties. Now,
this was at a time, when I knew almost nothing about
politics in the state, or much about either of these parties
or their leaders. And when my friend criticized the party I
supported, I got pissed off! And I was thinking, "how can
this person be supportive of this party?!" I thought she was
being so narrow minded and utterly stupid! Looking back, I
can see the absurdness of it all - where did my political
party affiliations come from? I know for a fact that I knew
absolutely nothing about either of these parties, I
certainly didn't know enough to make a judgment about which
one it is better to vote for. It was all just stuff I'd
heard from my parents and stuff I'd seen on TV - I'd been

Religion is ofcourse the primary example of this. But,
discussions about religion are perhaps meant for another

I don't know what other things that I believe in that have
actually been thrust into my head. Do I perhaps believe them
so absolutely that I am unable to see their absoluteness?

Next time you see yourself believing anything as an
absolute, think about where it is that that belief came
from. You'll surprise yourself.

I sure did surprise myself.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

And Yet Another use for computers!

They say computers are some of the most versatile tools available,
and everyday we see people coming up with new uses for them.

At our company, we try to push our computers to their limits and
extract every ounce of their capabilities...

Even if it means using it as a doorstop! :)

P.S.: Okay, so technically thats only a monitor, so Sue me!

Monday, February 27, 2006

What do you want in life?

How do you figure out what you want in life? Where do you
even start to think about a topic wide as this? Is it what I
want to do, to make money? What kind of person I want to
be? What I want materially? What I want spiritually,

Maybe I should start small. How about, what do I want to eat
now? Two ice creams and a beer! Heh, too small I guess. How
about, what bike do I want to buy? I already do have one,
and a fairly good one at that. But, its not enough, I
already have my eyes on another! A car doesn't seem to be
enough either!

Is it good to want? Perhaps, yes, it drives us to achieve. I
work hard to make money, so that I can then buy that cool
iPod I saw the other day! But to what end? A month or two
later, I'll want the xPod which comes with a 20" screen, 5
million gigs of space (to store that enormous collection of
illegal mp3s! ;), and comes with its own butler who'll
operate the thing for u! But, still we are 'wanting' at the
end of it - for something bigger, better, sexier. We stand
everyday, in front of those large glass windows, staring at
that object of our desire, which is right there, we can see
it, but cant touch it. And then the day comes when we can
walk in and buy it! Its ours finally! Life is good. And for
a few days we are satisfied and happy, we are now in
possession what we wanted! But, soon the feeling comes
back, there is always something better, isnt there? And
soon, you find that there is another shop inside, and
another large glass window, in front of which we now stand
and drool, waiting to buy that new zPod which comes with 5
clowns and 3 super-models 'free'!

Life seems like it is nothing more than a series of 'wants',
and an endless striving to get that which we want, only to
find soon after getting it, that it was not really what we
wanted, perhaps what we wanted back then, but not now,
things are different now. Is there really a way to be
satisfied? I wanted a car, now we got one, but now I find
that it is not big enough, its not cool enough, I want a
bigger car now. Is there an end to this endless want?

Perhaps what is required is to be able to distinguish what
we really need and what we dont. But, how am I to judge
that? I'm biased! I think perhaps I really need a new
cellphone (a new and powerful one, so that I can play games,
click photos, keep reminders, browse the 'net) - u just give
it a little time, and the monkey can come up with a good
excuse to get anything.

What are we essentially looking for? Happiness, I would
think. Everything else, money, fame, etc are all
essentially things that allow us to reach that. Happiness
is achieved when we are satisfied - when we possess that
which we had wanted. But, we well know, that we really cant
have everything that we want. If it is somehow possible to
squash this endless cycle of 'want', could we not achieve
timeless happiness? Is that even possible - has anyone
managed that? It sure looks like the majority of people
certainly havent.

"Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs
we hate so we can buy shit we don't need." - Tyler Durden

So, at the end of all this rambling, where am I with regard
to my first question? What do I want in life?

I want EVERYTHING goddammit! I want a porsche, I want a
ferrari, I want every supercar ever made, I want to ride
every bike, screw every super-model and kill every
politician!! Isnt that where I'm being led? Always appearing
to get closer to that ever-changing pot at the end of the
rainbow, but always out of reach. Is it then possible, in
the face of this seething, writhing, beautiful, seductive
wall of 'want', to want absoutely nothing?

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Why break with tradition?? :)
So, here goes...

Hello World!